Is your body experiencing normal wear-and-tear or healing from an injury

This may be your chance to experience stretch therapy at Knead 2 Stretch in Valencia.

Knead 2 Stretch is a studio that primarily focuses on the art of stretch and massage therapy, used to elongate, shorten muscles and fascia.

Our wonderful therapists at the studio will manually stretch out tired, sore muscles that’ll improve flexibility and improve overall range of motion to the injury or soreness.

Our Knead 2 Stretch staff will first communicate with clients and help strategize the best and safest plan in healing the injury. We suggest you come in workout or flexible clothing to ensure you are the most comfortable in our studio.

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We make it our first priority to keep our clients safe while bringing them a sense of relief when we perform our therapy tactics.

We also provide additional information and tips to help our clients’ range of motion post therapy.

At Knead 2 Stretch, we offer sessions of 25 or 50 minutes and monthly or annual memberships for flexibility all year long!

Whether you’re preventing injury or healing from one, come visit our studio, Knead 2 Stretch and book an appointment with us today.

It’s time to heal from within! Please visit our website at or call us at (661) 888-1044 to schedule your first appointment with us.

Knead2Stretch offers stretch therapy in Santa Clarita, helping to release muscle tension and increase flexibility for their clients. The Santa Clarita stretch studio utilizes a combination of assisted stretch techniques and massage therapy to elongate and shorten muscles and fascia. Knead to Stretch therapists manually stretch tight and tired muscles, helping to increase range of motion in the joints, elevate muscle restrictions and improve mobility issues and chronic pain. Those looking for Santa Clarita stretch therapy, the best stretch studio in Santa Clarita, or a “stretch studio near me,” can contact Knead 2 Stretch today for more information.


24510 Town Center Drive

Valencia, California 91355

(661) 888-1044

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