Knead 2 Stretch In Santa Clarita Works Hard To Help The Community Through Any Muscle Pains Or Discomfort

Stretch therapy can be a pretty new concept to many people, but it is entirely based on using assisted stretch techniques to elongate shortened muscles and fascia.

Therapists at Knead 2 Stretch will work with you as they manually stretch your tight and tired muscles.

Stretch therapy has been known to increase range of motion in the joints and elevate muscle restrictions which can help a lot of people with mobility issues and chronic pain.

Stretch therapy has also been linked to benefits including but not limited to increased flexibility, increased range of motion, alleviate muscle tension and pain, increased circulation, improved posture, pain management and reduced risk of injury.

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In your visit, knead 2 stretch says clients should expect an open table environment where a few tables will be laid out in a room and a physical therapist will help you through some stretches.

Clients are expected to arrive dressed for success.

Knead 2 Stretch suggests patients wear comfortable gym clothes, yoga pants or any kind of flexible clothing.

Santa Clarita Stretch Therapy

Therapists will help determine which muscles are tight and work up a plan to loosen them up through the proper massages and stretches.

Knead 2 Stretch has many sessions available to their clients, and these include a 25 minute session for $60 and a 50 minute session for $109. These are single sessions, but they also have month to month memberships for those committed to becoming the best version of themselves.

These month to month memberships include 1 25 minute session per month for $55, 1 50 minute session per month for $89, 2 50 minute sessions per month for $158, 4 25 minute sessions per month for $180 and so many more as well.

Yearly memberships are just as luxurious as you get to discover the benefits of stretch therapy over a long period of time.

Knead 2 Stretch in Santa Clarita is dedicated to providing only the best services for their clients to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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