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Lynda Brierly owner of Knead 2 Stretch in Santa Clarita has created a business catering to those who are in need of massage and stretch therapy.

She learned her techniques in stretch therapy with years of studies with Kinesiology, deep tissue integration, PNF stretching, therapeutic stretching, and mild facial release.

Along with her education, a part of her experience in the field of massage and stretch therapy was her involvement with being the director of the massage program at Charter College for 5 years where she wrote the curriculum that was implemented for all of the Charter College campuses.

Additionally, Lynda Brierly has also worked side by side with a certified chiropractor in a clinical setting where she focused on patients with severe and persistent pain. All of this culminates into Lynda’s style and techniques she uses to serve patients seeking pain relief at Knead 2 Stretch.

What motivated Lynda Brierly to start her journey in this niche was actually her own experience with pain in her body. Someone close to Lynda had suggested that she go and receive a massage to help her mitigate the discomfort and pain she was feeling.

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When she completed her sessions, Lynda had realized that the industry of therapeutic stretching and massaging was something she was not only interested in, but something that she could see herself doing for a living.

After her education, Lynda was also so driven and comfortable with the interactions she was having with people and mostly the positive impact she had on them.

Knead 2 Stretch uses both massage and stretch therapy together to allow the stretching portion to be more optimal and comfortable when your muscles have been massaged and relaxed.

Knead2Stretch offers stretch therapy in Santa Clarita, helping to release muscle tension and increase flexibility for their clients. The Santa Clarita stretch studio utilizes a combination of assisted stretch techniques and massage therapy to elongate and shorten muscles and fascia. Knead to Stretch therapists manually stretch tight and tired muscles, helping to increase range of motion in the joints, elevate muscle restrictions and improve mobility issues and chronic pain. Those looking for Santa Clarita stretch therapy, the best stretch studio in Santa Clarita, or a “stretch studio near me,” can contact Knead 2 Stretch today for more information.


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