Stretch Therapy And The Benefits It Provides

Knead2Stetch believes that stretching before working out is extremely important before jumping on the machine. Many times people get injured during a workout or pull a muscle and now they are in pain.

Stretching should always be the first step before working out to avoid unnecessary pain but what happens when you do? Thankfully there are many places to go to help your body recover from the injury.

In the Santa Clarita Valley, Knead2Stretch is a place to release muscle tension and increase your flexibility. Knead2Stetch offers stretch therapy which helps the individual with increasing their flexibility, range of motion, circulation, improve posture, pain management, reduce risk of injury, and alleviate muscle tension.

Knead2Stretch combines massage therapy with stretch therapy so that the client’s body can have the optimal stretch experience. This helps clients increase the range of motion in their joints and addresses many mobility issues.

The experienced staff members will help the individual with stretching any muscles that are tired or have any tight knots.

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Once the client shows up to their appointment they will be placed on a table where the therapist will examine the tight areas.

The correct clothing material to come in is yoga pants or gym clothes so that it will be easier to stretch in. Any stretchy material is fine to wear.

The therapist is there to communicate effectively with the client so if you have any questions let your therapist know. They will also give the client tips on how to keep muscles more relaxed and loose.

This session should not cause any sort of pain so if you do experience any pain let your therapist know right away.

There are more services offered at Knead2Stretch such as single sessions and month-to-month membership programs.

If you have questions about stretch therapy or additional services, then email [email protected] or call (661) 888-1044. Knead 2 Stretch is available from 9am-6pm on Mondays through Fridays.

Knead2Stretch offers stretch therapy in Santa Clarita, helping to release muscle tension and increase flexibility for their clients. The Santa Clarita stretch studio utilizes a combination of assisted stretch techniques and massage therapy to elongate and shorten muscles and fascia. Knead to Stretch therapists manually stretch tight and tired muscles, helping to increase range of motion in the joints, elevate muscle restrictions and improve mobility issues and chronic pain. Those looking for Santa Clarita stretch therapy, the best stretch studio in Santa Clarita, or a “stretch studio near me,” can contact Knead 2 Stretch today for more information.


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