Stretch Therapy Has Been Proven To Help Increase Range Of Motion In Joints

Knead 2 Stretch located in Santa Clarita uses stretch therapy to help their clients feel better and rejuvenated.

Stretch therapy is an assisted combination of stretch techniques to elongate and shorten muscle fascia, making you feel younger.

Muscle tension can be uncomfortable and tiring, so the therapists at Knead 2 Stretch work tirelessly manually stretch your tight and tired muscles.

Stretch Therapy has been proven to help increase range of motion in joints, and it also helps elevate muscle restrictions to help mobility issues and chronic pain.

Knead 2 Stretch in Santa Clarita combines massage therapy with stretch sessions, making this such a calming and relaxing experience where you can feel comfortable.

When first arriving into your stretch therapy session, you should expect an open environment with a few tables laid out for other people as well.

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Once you arrive, a therapist will immediately start with identifying the tense places, so you can have the most of your session. By pinpointing the exact places where you may need more attention, therapists can help you more with more effective stretches to target that area.

When planning on what to wear, comfortable clothing is the best way to go. Many people use their gym clothes or yoga pants which can be flexible.

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Knead 2 Stretch in Santa Clarita practices an open line of communication between client and therapist, so if at any point you are feeling any pain, simply tell the therapist, and they will adjust their stretch.

Stretch therapy can leave you feeling rejuvenated, but it has so many other benefits as well including, increased flexibility, increased range of motion, alleviate muscle tension and pain, increased circulation, improved posture, pain management and reduced risk of injury.

Lynda is the owner of Knead 2 Stretch in Santa Clarita, and she has been in the massage therapy career since 2002. With years of experience, Lynda will know exactly where and how to target certain areas that you might need extra attention in.

Knead 2 Stretch is the worlds new botox without needing injections, making you feel younger, it’s almost criminal how easy it is to feel so much better with just one visit, you will be coming back for more.

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