Stretch Therapy Can Be Used To Treat Joint Discomfort Caused By Cold Weather

Stretch therapy can be used to treat complications with your muscles caused by the cold weather that may cause your muscles to hurt and even make joint stiffness increase.

At Knead 2 Stretch we create, perform, and integrate services aimed to better improve your quality of life with our combination of massage and stretch therapy, and in these colder times of the year many can benefit from our stretch therapy services.

Many athletes and highly active individuals who are in intense lines of work such as:

  • Mailmen and women who stay on their feet in their routes
  • Laborers who constantly lift and transfer packages or heavy items
  • Outside workers such as construction or landscaping

And even those who just walk and move more than the average individual, may notice the change in cold weather, but not only because of the shivering, it’s because of the discomfort that takes place in their active bodies.

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When colder weather sets in, the muscles and joints in our bodies begin to lose heat and contract, decreasing range of motion and creating severe stiffness in some cases. If the time comes and you start to notice the changes in your body getting too severe due to the weather getting too cold, we here at Knead 2 Stretch wish to invite you to our services and recuperate.

With our team and services here at Knead 2 Stretch, we strive to improve the way you walk and maneuver in your everyday life. You do not have to necessarily be a highly active individual in order to benefit from our combination of massage and stretch therapy either.

Sometimes those with aging joints and general complications can greatly benefit from the way our services allow them improved posture, increased range of motion, and much more such as:

  • Increase Flexibility
  • Alleviate Muscle Tension and Pain
  • Increase Circulation
  • Pain Management
  • Reduce Risk of Injury

Our stretch therapy will aid all young and old with their injuries and general complications. We here at Knead 2 stretch can guide you through these colder times of the year when pain and discomfort increase in your body.

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